About – 2nd Patchway Scouts


History of 2nd Patchway Scouts

2nd Patchway Scout Group was started by Frank and Gladys Wallace in June 1941, with many of the boys coming from the then disbanded 1st Patchway scout group. At first, the group met in one of the out-buildings belonging to Calicroft farm, or at 44 Worthing road, depending on weather.

In 1942, the group registered with the city and county of Bristol, changing there name 220th Bristol (2nd Patchway) scout group. A few years later, 1946, the group moved their headquarters to one of the huts at the barrage balloon site, near Bradley road. Which had been used by the air balloon corp.: during the Second World War.

Sometime after 1949 and before 1957, the group changed its scarf colours from green to black and white. They also moved from Bradley road, to the present site at Worthing road.

There has been two other name changes in the group’s history, on the 2nd November 1967 the group officially changed to 220th Bristol air scout group. Whereas, on 1st July 1974, the group returned to its original name 2nd Patchway scout group.