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Five Types of Camping: Are You Ready on Your Next Camp Trip?

Have you really dreamed of going on a camping trip? If you haven’t, camping is one of the easiest ways to get in touch with your friends and family. Staying away from the normal busyness of the city, and instead of reconnecting with the ambiance and the stunning scenery of nature.

For quite some time, camping trips were synonymous with being in the wilderness and attributing one’s self to circumstances of discomfort. And now, since there are various types of camping that are applicable for all. Though, you don’t need to feel compelled to do this before you go on a camping trip.

You may be thinking what type of camping you have best defined; and that is what the article is trying to address. We’re going to list the various types of camping and why any of them is ideal for a great situation.

Are you willing to try them out so that you can start planning your next camping trip? Let’s dive straight in there.

Tent Camping

It’s not surprising to see many families and other travelers pack their camping amenities during this summer season, national holidays or long weekends and travel out to a prominent spot to get to know each other better.

Tent camping does not really usually spell the finest of convenience, it needs you to give up some of the basics, but the consequences of the discomfort are barely ever noticed since you stay in contact with people and encourage team building.

Survivalist Camping

Survival camping is intended mainly for highly trained and seasoned campers. It also attempts to measure how well a camper will withstand adverse environments for a given period of time.

It is divided into two, Base Camp and the Walkout. Base Camp and Walk Out camping are very famous with tv programs, in which they assign task roles to the contestants in regard to their very intense living circumstances, and continue to evict them when the days go by as they slip into given duties; before the winner succeeds.

The risk of being exposed to danger or to wild animals is normally high. And that is why the experience and knowledge of living in the wild is a required prerequisite for engaging in this form of camping.

Backpacking & Hiking

This is an outdoor leisure activity that requires wearing your gear on your back. The load will normally consist of all your needs, which may include: foods, water, beddings, shelter, clothes, and cooking grill. Know that this can take from a single day to a few weeks, and overnight stays may or it may not require camping outdoors.

Backpacking camps are uncommon, but the beauty of backpacking is that you don’t have to follow a fixed route. You should walk the trail, which could be full of uncertainty. The genuinely adventurous side is that you can walk through a rugged terrain and be with Mother Nature on your own.

RV and Van Camping

With this you will admire the mobility of your vehicle when visiting the favorite locations, without the physical demands of carrying so much loads. When night falls, you will pitch a tent in your car and have all your amenities in your vehicle.

The comfort of this style of camping is incredibly high. So, if you’re one who hates hassle and needs all forms of comfort, you might think camping this kind of thing. You will drive to supermarkets and buy fast food and stuff in your car’s refrigerator, use clean toilets, and probably refill your food from start to end.

Kayak Camping

Kayak camping also requires a combination of kayaking, long-distance travel and camping. Usually, they have the privilege of kayaking while traveling and camping for several days to come.

This style of camping is ideally advised for more than two people so that you can be sure to get your hands on the deck in cases of incidents on the water. Family members considering this camping alternative for bonding and relaxation should take the requisite precautions. It is one way to fully appreciate the serenity and relaxation of the wonders of nature.


Traversing all the strengths that camping provides can be one of the aims that you will be working on next summer. You should be assured that the children will enjoy the experience, and that you would be better to take the step.

Camping means taking certain risks and creating a unique experience. It facilitates you to even get out of your comfort zone and live your life and be happy.