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How to become a Scout?

This scout movement is also recognized as scouting or scouts. It is a voluntary non-political education movement for younger people – even adults too.   Even though it requires an oath of allegiance to the political leaders of the country and in certain nations, to a deity, it enables participation without distinction of race, age or origin.

It provides programs and operational activities for young people that enable them to:

  • Trying new things
  • Providing services to other people
  • Building self-confidence
  • Reinforcing ethical standards

While different activities and social programs teach practical skills and cultivate teamwork, it goes beyond that and helps young people to achieve a greater appreciation of service to others.

It gives a feeling to young people that they are valuable as persons.They are told that, regardless of a game either won or lost, everyone cares about what happens to them.

Ultimately, and most notably, it encourages activities that add to personal responsibility and strong self-esteem. As a consequence, social pressure can be avoided and the best decisions can be made when challenging choices have to be made.

Join Them!

It can seem overwhelming to become a Scout. But even if you don’t have a scouting experience, as long as they begin with positive thoughts, determination, and a willingness to the basic training programs provided by the Boy Scouts, anyone can be a successful leader or a scout. The preparation programs provide them with all the foundational resources required to excel in their scouting skills, as well as continuous opportunity to improve their knowledge, as they get more relaxed in providing a quality program.

Even if you have a lot of scouting experience, it’s important to be fully trained. Programs evolve a little bit over time as new ideas are developed. To make sure you deliver the most up-to-date program for you, it’s important to keep on top of it!

Always Remember that this process of joining the scout is depending on what country you are residing with.

  • Must locate your Council first 

Your council will be happy to support you with selecting the best unit for your needs.  To better suit your particular needs, the council will be able to help you find the unit pack or troops your individual needs.

  • Must Notify Your Unit

If you already have located your council and the right unit for you, you must call the unit leader to figure out where their next recruiting session is going to be held.

  • Must complete the application

In order to be approved by the unit leader, the application can take time. You can also contact the unit leader or the local council service center if you have any concerns regarding the application process.

  • You can now Start Your Scouting Adventure!

Welcome yourself to Scouting!  You are also part of the scout member of your country, the country’s program for character and values-based leadership skills.

Upon joining the Scout, you will be able to learn these things mentioned below:

  • Learning skills: outdoor skills, fundamental life skills, and career skills
  • Learning to respect, dignity, bravery, self-reliance, team building, moral values, services, and duty to God, the nation, others, and to one’s own self.
  • Leading: teaching younger scouts, leading patrols and troops, planning and leading community activities, and learning how our communities, nation and world can organize and lead activities.