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World’s Biggest & Most Expensive Campervan

Campervanning offers a rare view in travel.  As a mode of travel and shelter all in one, it helps travelers or campers to discover new beautiful spots at its finest. You can rest wherever you want by driving a campervan with instant availability of accommodation. Does it sound cool?

Camping takes you closer to nature. You may camp in the middle of the woods, mostly on the beach, beside a lake, or at the bottom of a mountain. What better time to brighten up to the sunrise at the beach? Or have a hot morning tea in front of a lovely riverbank? Or can you wake up by the bird chirp in the wilderness? What an invaluable opportunity! That’s what makes everyone want more campervan trips.

We all love to browse at DIY Conversions, but also having a glance inside one of most luxurious camper vans, motorhomes and RVs is just as satisfying. Then we have put together a list of our best personal camper vans and RVs that cost an extortionate amount. Before jumping in, there are already some more luxurious cars traveling around the world, but they’re just our preference.

Hymer Vision Venture

If you have been watching us for several times now, take a look at the Hymer Vision Company that costs around 250,000 USD concept camper, this model could potentially go into more production in 2021. It’s a brand-new customized look at the 2019 Mercedes Sprinter. The exterior has also been designed for overland adventurers with off-road tires, customized lift packs, light bars and solar panels on top to keep your devices recharged.

But it was the interior that really popped up. It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen in a car. The interior has been designed by experienced Hymer interior designs to make every surface look luxurious. The back door is folded down into a balcony with a BBQ slide so that you can cook your burgers outdoors anywhere you want to go.

It has a sitting area, a kitchen that looks like it’s inside a luxurious mansion, and a storage room is used as a staircase so that you can easily get up to your double bed in the high-top roof. It is indeed by far one of the nicest pop-up campers you have ever seen.


If you’d rather choose a bigger vehicle, then say hello to the Earthroamer camper.  These vehicles vary from 200,000 US to 500,000 USD based on how customized you want them to be.  On the outside as you can see, it’s made for off road, and that’s why you’re buying these things. And it gives you the freedom to take it anywhere you want. It comes with a lot of amenities on the back like storage, bike racks, and spare tires, many more.

When you want to go inside, you’re welcomed with a really homely transformation, a variety of storage spaces, a king-size bed, a Television, and a full kitchen. This is indeed a vehicle for people who really want to move out of the country or want to travel, and when the road ends, the Earthroamer just keeps going.

Element Palazzo

This camper was built for multi-purpose use, and costs around 2,000,000 USD. This made for millionaires who want to explore the road trip. The cockpit is at the top of the car, allowing you to have a look at the roads while travelling. The cockpit itself looks like you’re operating some sort of spaceship. Mostly on top of the roof, it practically turns into a wide balcony to throw parties as you’re looking out over your environment, making it one of the best motorhomes you can purchase while you’re in.

Now, brace yourself for the inside of the fiercest vehicle on this most expensive campervan list. They’ve been influenced by yachts, and as you can see, they look very similar. It has a dining room, a mini fridge, a tiny kitchen, and a king size bed for you all to relax in until you’re tired of a rich life. That’s why this is an awesome vehicle, it’s a scale that really restricts you to where you can go. Maybe lunch on the side of the highway isn’t something you’re hoping for.